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As a result of the meeting we aim to publish 10-12 selected papers in a special issue of FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

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Sunday, 4th September 2011




Opening ceremony


Chair: Nina Gunde-Cimerman

IL1: Picocyanobacteria in Arctic and Antarctic ice as proxies for evolution in oceans over 150,000 Years

P. B. Price

IL2: The first genome sequence of a psychrophilic eukaryote


IL3: Extremotolerance in the fungal tree of life

S. de Hoog*, L. Selbmann, K. Sterflinger, C. Ruibal, C. Gueidan


Welcome party



Monday, 5th September 2011




Chair: Brent Christner, Co-Chair: Donald Cowan

IL4: Hypolithic communities in the Antarctic Dry Valley soils: Ecology, physiology and genomics

D. Cowan*, N. Khan, T. Makhalanyane, D. Anderson, J. Sohm, C. Cary and S. Pointing

Cyanobacteria in Southern Victorialand, Antarctica: diversity across spatial scales and habitat-types

Anne D. Jungblut*, Susie A. Wood, Ian Hawes, Jenny Webster-Brown

Freshwater lakes of Ulu Peninsula (James Ross Island, NE Antarctic Peninsula): I. Origin, geomorphology and physico-chemical limnology

Freshwater lakes of Ulu Peninsula (James Ross Island, NE Antarctic Peninsula): II. Planktic and benthic assemblages

Viral activity and diversity in supraglacial ecosystems

Christopher Bellas*, Alexandre M. Anesio, Jon Telling, Marek Stibal, Martyn Tranter

Bacterial endophyte communities in Arctic plants

Alphaproteobacterial communities in geographically distant populations of the lichen Cetraria aculeata

Christian Printzen*, Lucia Muggia, Martin Grube

Coffee break


Chair: Donald Cowan, Co-Chair: Brent Christner

IL5: Microbial processes relevant to survival in ice of the englacial and basal zones of polar glaciers

Brent Christner*, Scott Montross, Mark Skidmore, Pierre Amato, Shawn Doyle, Amanda Achberger

Occurrence and diagnostics of Mycobacterium caprae in the Bavarian Alps

Biodiversity and biogeography of bacteria in polar and alpine environments

Tatiana Vishnivetskaya, D. A. Gilichinsky*

Biogeography of cyanobacteria

Introduction of Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection (PAMC), a unique culture collection dedicated for polar microorganisms

Yung Mi Lee*, Cheng-Dae Choe, Jeong-Han Yim, Hong Kum Lee, Soon Gyu Hong

Lunch, poster viewing



Chair: Sybren G. de Hoog, Co-Chair: Martin Grube

IL6: Dispersal and evolution of rock black fungi in the Antarctic ice

L. Selbmann*, G.S. de Hoog, D. Isola, L. Zucconi, S. Onofri

The evolution of fungi in extreme environments

Black yeasts in Arctic glaciers

Psychrotolerant yeasts from glacial environments of Patagonia, Argentina: biodiversity and extracellular enzyme production

Penicillium spp. in water-related polar environments

Silva Sonjak*, Jens Christian Frisvad, Nina Gunde-Cimerman

Black microcolonial fungi: cellular response to temperature stress at the proteome level

Donatella Tesei*, Gorji Marzban, Daniela Isola, Kristina Zakharova, Laura Selbmann, Katja Sterflinger

Antarctic fungi fingerprint automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (ARISA) libraries

Laurie B. Connell*, Caleb Slemmons, Russell Rodriguez and Regina Redman

Coffee break


Chair: Martin Grube, Co-Chair: Sybren G. de Hoog

IL7: Microbially dominated landscapes: Arctic-alpine lichens as microbial bioresources

M. Grube*, G. Berg

Tephromela atra lichen species-complex: a model for symbiotic evolution studies

Lucia Muggia*, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Toby Spribille, Martin Grube

Two independent introductions of Cladonia borealis in King George Island, Antarctica

Chae Haeng Park*, Gajin Jeong, Soon Gyu Hong

Comparative food web analyses with stable isotopes of Tardigrades in glacial ecosystems of the Alps

Barbara Post*, Martin Kainz, Hieronymus Dastych, Birgit Sattler



Tuesday, 6th September 2011


Session 3: Permafrost



Chair: Dirk Wagner, Co-Chair: David Gilichinsky

IL8: Permafrost microbiology: The present state, new directions and perspectives

D. A. Gilichinsky*, E. M. Rivkina

Methanogenic and methanotrophic archaeon communities in Antarctic permafrost samples differed in biogenic methane content

Irina Alekhina*, Ilya Stepanov, Andrey Abramov, Elizaveta Rivkina,

David Gilichinsky, Jean Robert Petit, Sergey Bulat

Ancient fungi in Antarctic permafrost environment

Galina Kochkina*, Natalya Ivanushkina, Svetlana Ozerskaya, Nadezhda Chigineva, Oleg Vasilenko, Sergey Firsov, Elena Spirina, David Gilichinsky

Bacterial community shift in depth profiles of Alaskan permafrost soil ecosystem

Ok-Sun Kim*, Sungjin Nam, Heymin Kim, Dukki Han, Namyi Chae, Bang Yong Lee and Yoo Kyung Lee

In-depth analysis of microbial permafrost communities in the European and Siberian Arctic

Antje Gittel, Vigdis Torsvik, Sarah Owens, Jack Gilbert, Andreas Richter, Christa Schleper, Tim Urich* and the CryoCARB team

Microbial communities of Antarctic Dry Valley permafrost soils

Corien Bakermans*, Mark Skidmore, Suzanne Douglas

Coffee break


Chair: David Gilichinsky, Co-Chair: Dirk Wagner

IL9: What can we learn from the past? Methanogenic communities and their response to Holocene and Late Pleistocene climate changes in permafrost environments

D. Wagner*, J. Griess, K. Mangelsdorf

Diversity of ammonia oxidizing microorganisms in permafrost-affected soils on Samoylov Island in the Lena River Delta, Siberia

Tina Sanders*, Claudia Fiencke, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Eva Spieck



Departure to excursion



Wednesday, 7th September 2011


Session 4: Ecology, Bioremediation and Astrobiology



Chair: John C. Priscu, Co-Chair: Jody W. Deming

IL10: Particle express: Microbes traveling in the Arctic ocean

J. W. Deming

Searching for life in extreme environments in Central East Antarctica: Lessons from Vostok surface snow and subglacial ice studies at Lake Vostok

Sergey Bulat*, Irina Alekhina, Dominique Marie, Jean Robert Petit

Authenticity of the indigenous deep ice core microbial diversity: Assessing exogenous contamination throughout the drilling process of the NEEM ice core, Greenland

Vanya Miteva*, Todd Sowers, Jean Brenchley

Exploring community structure and function in Arctic snow through metagenomics

Carbon fixation and transformations at the surface of glaciers

Alexandre M. Anesio*, Jon Telling, Marek Stibal, Chris Bellas, Gary Barker, Martyn Tranter, Jemma Wadham, Joe Cook, Andy Hodson, Marian Yallop

Gene pool sharing between Antarctic and Arctic populations of the marine protozoan ciliate, Euplotes nobilii

Graziano Di Giuseppe, Fernando Dini, Claudio Alimenti, Adriana Vallesi, Pierangelo Luporini*

The search for life in Antarctic subglacial lakes

D. A. Pearce*, D. A. Hodgson, C. S. Cockell and the Ellsworth consortium

Coffee break


Chair: Jody W. Deming, Co-Chair: John C. Priscu

IL11: Microbial habitats on icy worlds in our solar system: What can be learned from Earths poles?

John C. Priscu*, Kevin P. Hand

Diversity, abundance, and potential activity of nitrifying and nitrate reducing microbial assemblages in a subglacial ecosystem

Microbial productivity and biogeochemical cycling of carbon on the Greenland Ice Sheet: A spatial approach

Marek Stibal*, Joe Cook, Jon Telling, Alexandre M. Anesio, Andy Hodson, Jemma L. Wadham, Martyn Tranter

Nitrogen fixation on Arctic glaciers and the Greenland ice sheet

Jon Telling*, Alexandre M. Anesio, Marek Stibal,  Martyn Tranter, Joe Cook, Catriona Butler, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, Andy Hodson, Grzegorz P. Lis, Andrew Sole, Pete Nienow, Jemma Wadham

Genetic variability and abundance of ammonia oxidizing bacteria in cryoconite along a natural gradient of nutrient concentration

Jakub Zarsky*, Andrew Hodson, Birgit Sattler, Roland Psenner

L.I.F.E. (Laser Induced Fluorescence Emission) as Non-Invasive Tool to Assess Photosynthetic Pigments in Ice Ecosystems

Markus Tilg*, Birgit Sattler, Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi, Roland Psenner

Alpine waterfalls as a natural source for re-aerosolization of bacteria precipitated with snow on mountains

Lunch, poster viewing, photo session


Chair: , Co-Chair: Odd Gunnar Brakstad

IL12: Comparative genomic and physiological analyses provide insights into the role of Acidobacteria communities in carbon cycling processes in Arctic tundra soils


Reactions of microbial communities after the transplantation of soils along a climatic gradient in a glacier forefield

Anita Zumsteg*, Josef Zeyer, Beat Frey

A soil transplantation experiment to investigate the structure of bacterial communities in glacier forefields

Anna Lazzaro*, Andreas Gauer, Josef Zeyer

Factors that control the bacterial communities in Arctic tundra ecosystems

Protist ecology in natural communities and enrichment cultures from three chemically distinct ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Rachael M. Morgan-Kiss*

Impact of acute nitrogen deposition on microbial communities structure and abundance in the high Arctic tundra soil

Aimeric Blaud*, Sonal Choudhary, Gareth K. Phoenix, A. Mark Osborn  

Microbial diversity and metabolic activity in the melting snow pack on a high Arctic glacier

Katherina Hell*, Jakub Zarsky, Sabine Podmirseg, Heribert Insam, Arwyn Edwards, Birgit Sattler

Coffee break


Chair: Odd Gunnar Brakstad, Co-Chair:

IL13: Biodegradation and bioremediation of petroleum in cold marine environments

O. G. Brakstad*, S. Ramstad, L.-G. Faksness, A. Booth, and K. Zahlsen

Phytoplankton of the Tatra Mountain lakes: species richness and biomass pattern in a lake district recovering from acidity

Methane producing archaea in Mars environment: how probable is it and how can we detect them?



Gala Dinner. Departure at 19.00 from the congress venue. Guided walk through the old centre of Ljubljana. Ascent to the Ljubljana castle (with a funicular). Dinner at the castle.


Thursday, 8th September 2011


Session 5: Physiology, genomics and proteomics



Chair: Jens C. Frisvad, Co-Chair: Michael J. Daly

IL14: A superbug delivers the key to radiation resistance: Deinococcus radiodurans. M. J. Daly

Photobiont adaption to extreme environmental conditions

Stephanie Domaschke*, Christian Printzen

Temperature dependence of photosynthesis in the red snow alga Chlamydomonas cf. nivalis


A lateral gene transfer event enables the catabolism of common compatible solutes by Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H

R. Eric Collins, Jody W. Deming*

The Molecular and Physiological responses of the model green alga Chlamydomonas reindhartii to cold stress

Luis Valledor*, Takeshi Furuhashi and Wolfram Weckwerth

Lipids in the Cryosphere

Birgit Sattler*, Helga Reicher, Michaela Schober, Wolfgang Sattler

Identifying genes from Arctic Rhodotorula mucilaginosa that confer salt-tolerance in recipient genetically modified organisms

Cene Gostinčar, Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Martina Turk*

Coffee break


Chair: Michael J. Daly, Co-Chair: Jens C. Frisvad

. J.C. Frisvad

Subzero growth; genomic and physiological insights for Planococcus halocryophilus sp. nov. Or1 from Canadian high Arctic permafrost Nadia C. S. Mykytczuk*, Simon J. Foote, Charles W. Greer and Lyle G. Whyte

A combined metatranscriptomic and metagenomic analysis of high Arctic wetland soils

Alexander Tveit*, Mette M. Svenning, Tim Urich


D. A. Pearce*, K. Newsham, M. Thorpe, A. Hodson and E. W. H. Wellington

Taxon dependent metacommunity dynamics and endemism among Antarctic microbial organisms

Dagmar Obbels*, Elie Verleyen, Pedro de Carvalho Maalouf, Aaike De Wever, Ines Tavernier, Caroline Souffreau, Olivier Tas, Wim Van Criekinge, Annick Wilmotte, Anne Willems, Koen Sabbe and Wim Vyverman

IL16: Environmental futures of polar and alpine regions

Congress closure

Lunch, Departure


Invited speakers

1. Odd Gunnar Brakstad (Norway)
2. Brent C. Christner (USA)
3. Don Cowan (South Africa)
4. Michael Daly (USA)
5. Jody Deming (USA)
6. Jens Frisvad (Denmark)
7. David Gilichinsky (Russia)
8. Martin Grube (Austria)
9. Max Haggblom (USA)
10. Sybren de Hoog (the Netherlands)

12. John C. Priscu
13. Thomas Mock (UK)
14. Silvano Onofri (Italy)
15. Buford Price (USA)
16. Dirk Wagner (Germany)
17. Eske Willerslev (Denmark)